Success Story - Tyson Foods

Tyson Foods

Second-largest Fortune 500 food production company grows in Metro Little Rock.

Founded in Arkansas, Tyson Foods is the second-largest food production company on the Fortune 500 list. Through its subsidiaries, the company operates facilities in 20 Arkansas communities, including several in Metro Little Rock.

With a workforce of 1,500 across multiple plants, Tyson is one of Metro Little Rock’s largest food processing employers. The company’s facilities in Metro Little Rock include a $40 million processing plant in Pine Bluff focused on fresh and frozen poultry products. The processing plant is a tenant of the Jefferson Industrial Park, a 785-acre industrial park located inside Pine Bluff city limits.

Tyson employs 200 workers at its plant in North Little Rock, which celebrated 50 years of continuous operation in 2018. The plant began operating in 1968 as Prospect Farms, Inc. Tyson acquired the company, and with it the 76,000-square foot facility, in 1969 and it became a cornerstone of its poultry business. Much of the chicken processed at the plant is grown in Arkansas by farmers who contract with Tyson Foods.


Year Established in Metro Little Rock 1968
Number of Employees in Metro Little Rock 1,500
Number of Employees Worldwide 122,000


Across all its facilities, Tyson Foods produces 1 in 5 pounds of all chicken, beef, and pork in the U.S., making it the market leader.
Thanks to employers like Tyson, the poultry industry accounts for more than half of Arkansas' agricultural value.